Restrictions Lifted England

Ok, writing, photography and painting. Currently writing books two of my first two series. I have wrote up to chapter four of my first book in my third series. Up to chapter four allows me to set the world and initial key characters and so I can park this one for a little while. My question now is photography? I have been waiting for restrictions to be lifted so I can get out again but I now realise I could have been out where I want to be before restrictions were lifted, so why didn’t I – one to ponder? My first novel of the second series I am writing is due back from copy-edit late August and then that will take centre focus for publishing before Xmas 2021 – but restrictions lifted means I will be out on the road now more often for my full-time job (take my camera?). Restriction lifted means I will need to manage my time across all my activities and still deliver – challenge accepted. I still believe I can deliver nine self-published books by the end of 2023 – what do you think?

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