Did I mention that I also paint

Ok, so I am on Instagram @andysharp80 and on Twitter @andysharp6902 also Facebook @penphotopaint now Tumblr andrew-sharp-coyote. I have a webpage through wordpress http://www.penphotopaint.com and so far I have simply posted on Instagram in the main with no real marketing plan other than post my paintings as an image, which thinking about it is not the best idea as it does not encourage any interaction from any viewer. Doh!

So new plan is to try blogging – hence I’m here. So as a taster please find a painting of mine for each year since I picked up my paintbrushes again.

Any feedback or comments will all be appreciated as this is the first stage of my revised marketing plan – well I haven’t had a marketing plan so far but that’s changing from now. Again wish me luck as I, and probably you too, realize this wont be an easy task and will not be without some bumps in the journey.

Suggestion also welcome 🙂

Contemplating Life – from 2018

Mmmmh – from 2019
Eruption – from 2020
Portals – from 2021
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