My New Marketing Approach

My new marketing approach. I will post all my paintings eventually and with each will be the story of that painting. I will post via my blog to Twitter and Facebook and add the same story to Instagram. This will take a bit of time as I have a current portfolio of over 135 individual paintings either still with me or that have moved on to a customer.

The pieces of art are each on one or more canvases. I primarily work with acrylic but have a little with oil and often combine glitter for lighting effects. All my work is personal to me and conveys a thought, idea or emotion that was relevant to me at that time. Nearly all are for sale, some I’m not yet ready to part with though.

My photographs will also appear in the same way and will be available for prints on canvas.

My books will also appear on my social media and my next one will be published before Xmas. It is a new series and not linked to The Guardian of Magic. I am expecting it back from copy-edit in late August. I will then work through the edits before it goes to a proofreader while at the same time the cover design will go to a graphic designer. Once all that is done it will be published as both paperback and eBook (Kindle) on Amazon.

The first painting and story will follow soon.

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